Originally from the lowlands by the sea, Roelien has been happily living in the other country famous for its cheese for over ten years.


After graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague with a B.A. in classical music recording, Roelien started her career as production editor at Pro-Audio Magazine in the Netherlands, developing her linguistic and editorial skills while remaining in touch with the music and audiovisual world. Her next job as project coordinator for the Super Audio CD team at Sony Europe allowed her to work in close collaboration with an external British PR-consultant on preparing press releases and events, while also organizing their presence at large international trade shows, and other complex projects.


After two years, she exchanged her free glass of milk in the Sony canteen in Amsterdam for take-out in front of her computer screen in Chicago, where she worked for over four years as PR and marketing coordinator for acoustics consulting firm Kirkegaard Associates. In 2005 she moved to Lyon, France and rediscovered the richness of the French language and culture, while paying for her three-course, two-hour, lunches with a ticket resto.


With TON-TEXTE, she combines international experience with her language and editorial skills to provide clients with various services in multilingual communications, ranging from translations to proofreading and copywriting.



Writing is more than putting words to paper. Good writing is convincing, seducing and can federate or sell. In the same manner, a good translation takes much more than just putting entire chunks of text through Google translate or translating word for word.


Each language has its owns frame of reference, syntax, and cultural or local specificities, which need to be understood in order to provide a meaningful translation that will have the intended impact on your target audience.


Let me write this powerful message for you – or if you already have created one, I can give it maximum impact in another language, while staying true to your original idea. I often work in synergy with creative design agencies to provide clients with a complete communications package.




French / Dutch / German  >  English  >  French / Dutch


When translating into English, I keep in mind that for the majority of a client’s readership, English may be a second language. I thus avoid language codification and subtleties that are only understood by native speakers. My experience in the fields of music, audiovisual and architecture provides me with a knowledge base that is highly useful for technical translations.


Proofreading and fact checking

When you write a text or work on the layout of a page, you become blind for your own mistakes. Let me spot the typo, the derailed edits, the unintended double space, or inconsistent use of a style, font or color. And while I read your text, I check facts and raise a red flag if things sound too good to be true.


Multilingual text and copywriting

If you need to create content in multiple languages, it can be useful to start the creative writing process directly in all of them instead of using one as the base and then translating. With TON-TEXTE, I offer copywriting services in English, French and Dutch.




    La Métropole de Lyon, France

    La Métropole de Lyon, France
    Vallée de la Chimie - brochure
    The Call of the 30! - 2018 specifications
    FR > EN translations
    Client ton-texte: J’articule, Oullins

    La Métropole de Lyon, France

    Magazine « The Only » / Real estate newsletter
    FR > EN translations (2013 - 2017)
    Client ton-texte: Saentys, Lyon, and J’articule, Oullins

    Witty Cie(s), Lyon, France

    Hewlett Packard white paper on Smart Cities
    FR > EN translation and editing of English texts

    Rovipharm, Treffort-Cuissiat, France

    English version of website

    Eudica – Groupe Faiveley Plast, Annecy, France

    FR > EN proofreading and translations

    Hotel Ambassador, Zermatt, Switzerland

    Stationery, information folder, menus
    Proofreading and correction work DE, EN, FR
    DE > FR and DE >EN translations
    Client ton-texte: WARK Design, Lyon

    L’Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle (quarterly publication)

    of the Conservatoire National des Arts & Métiers – INETOP, Paris, France
    Proofreading of English articles (2014 and 2015)

    Saentys Communication, London / Lyon / Geneva

    Seantys Website
    Copywriting of certain portfolio texts (EN and FR), EN > FR translation
    Brochures, websites
    FR > EN translations for various real estate projects

    Winsearch Recruitment & Headhunting, Lyon, France

    Various FR > EN translations in the Human Resources domain

    Bolero Web Intelligence, Lyon, France

    Assistance with web intelligence in Dutch

    Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France

    Editing and proofreading of scientific article written in English for publication in American journal

    The Center for Positive Psychology, Lyon, France

    Setting up marketing and communications plan

    Ducks Scéno, Villeurbanne, France

    Various FR > EN translations in field of theater planning and architecture

    ROTS van Leeuwen, The Hague, The Netherlands

    Various NL > EN translations in field of Human Resources

    AMG Féchoz, Paris, France

    DE > FR translation in preparation for request for proposals of theater equipment installation in Austria



Roelien Gorter


Lyon, France


roelien [at]  ton-texte.fr


+33 6 86 98 49 52